Marketing Cannabis Struggles

Either You're VISIBLE or Invisible!

Today's Cannabis Businesses Are Struggling To Grow In
The Shadows Of Their Competitors

The marketing images that a cannabis business projects could determine its future profits and growth. Businesses that lack a professional presence have an increased chance of losing potential customers to their competitors. One very important key factor for success is having a strong online presence created to match your company's visual brand.

Having a real online business website and professional marketing collateral may be the difference between your potential customers choosing you or someone else's canna-business.

Business Owners Struggle With Marketing

Establishing clear, challenging yet attainable goals puts you in the driver’s seat.
It causes you to get focused and aware when you steer off track. Goals give you the what so you can focus on the how.

Information overload becomes a HUGE problem as it creates monstrous frustration, overwhelm, confusion and loss of time and money. We are collecting bits and pieces of the marketing puzzle not knowing how to put it together, or in what order.

In any of life’s pursuits, with the exception of starting and marketing a business, there are very well defined and proven frameworks or “conceptual structures to guide the building of something.” This is why online marketing can be so hard.

There’s a lot of planning and strategy that goes into building a successful online presence, visual brand, marketing collateral and marketing campaign. Just remember that marketing and growing your business is a marathon, not a sprint.

Let's Get Rolling!

Mary Janez Brand has put together a

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